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A Soldier’s Story

Over at the West Yorkshire Drama Academy, the students are busy beavering away on a show that tells the story of local soldiers that went off to fight in World War I. This production is coming to the West Yorkshire Playhouse on July 24th and I have designed a promotional image for the show which will hopefully be featured on the Playhouse website and on posters.

More vectors here, and the image turned out to be very much like the one that I thought up in my head.



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ReCycled Beat!

Hello faithful friends and mysterious strangers, here is a long-awaited update to my site! I was asked to design a logo for an event in Dewsbury, at which a group of local music students would take to the streets with instruments made from bicycles, serenading the crowds at the Dewsbury Spirit festival. I sent them a sheet of concept designs and they liked the 2 you can see below.


This second logo was then printed on bright yellow hoodies that the performers wore at the festival, the photographic proof of which you can see here:


I couldn’t attend the event myself as I was flapping about onstage somewhere else, but it was apparently a fun day out.

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