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Shelf portrait

Ho ho, just a little wordplay there for you. Here’s a picture I did of myself staring in to the sunset or admiring a turkish bonfire, perhaps. It’s not a bad likeness but I think I might’ve made myself look better than I actually am – you can’t see the spots here. OH VANITY.

Self portrait 22nd June 2014

Self portrait 22nd June 2014


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The Luigi Death Stare

Helloooooooo! It’s been a while, how are you? I’m fine. Here’s something I’ve done this very day from idea to completion in 8 hours or so. It’s inspired by the recent internet sensation of Luigi in Mario Kart 8 staring daggers at the other racers when he passes by, and by the film Drive which is rather good if a bit bone-chilling. Anyway, next time you’re driving down Toad’s Turnpike, watch out for this grim spectre in your rear-view mirror lest you be on the receiving end of the Luigi death stare.

Luigi/Drive mashup 6th June 2014

Luigi/Drive mashup 6th June 2014

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