Reviewing the situation…

Carlinghow Theatre Company have just performed their version of Lionel Bart’s musical OLIVER! and I helped them out by drawing the digital backdrops that were projected instead of traditional painted backcloths. I used a lot of photographic textures for these images and I think they turned out pretty good!

We start off in the dingy workhouse, where Oliver resides among the other orphans.


Oliver! Workhouse September 2016

After causing a mighty stink by asking for more gruel at dinner time, he is sold off to Mr & Mrs Sowerberry, who own an undertaker’s shop. The big black square on the left is where real scenery flats were used.


Oliver! Sowerberry’s September 2016

Oliver escapes from the Undertaker’s shop and bumps into the Artful Dodger on the streets of old Lahndahn taaahhhn. That’s proper cockney that is.


Oliver! Paddington Green September 2016

Dodger then takes him to meet his erstwhile (no idea what that means) employer, Fagin, who runs a gang of juvenile pickpockets! He also owns a small wooden elephant. I added that myself, I made Dickens even better.


Oliver! Fagin’s Den September 2016

Here is the pub in which everyone sings Oom-Pah-Pah and has a jolly old time until Bill Sikes (or Sykes, I dunno) turns up to ruin everything, the rotter.


Oliver! Pub September 2016

Oliver is captured during a failed pick-pocketing attempt and is taken into the care of Mr Brownlow, who lives in a posh London district that looks like this at sunrise:


Oliver! Brownlow’s Crescent Sunrise September 2016

This scene then transitions to daytime thanks to Microsoft Powerpoint’s fade transition effect:


Oliver! Brownlow’s Crescent Daytime September 2016

And finally, here is the backdrop of a London skyline which can just be seen over the top of the real scenery. This is where Bill Sikes Sykes whatever meets his doom and Oliver is rescued.


Oliver! Skyline September 2016

And they all lived happily ever after! Apart from Bill Syiyikes, who is dead, and Nancy (also dead.) Oh, and Dodger gets arrested, so he probably isn’t too happy either, and neither is Fagin. Oh well.


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  1. Janet Peace

    The projected backdrops looked brilliant x

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