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Great Scott!

As some of you may know, in my spare time I sing in a group called Songsational with some of my friends. In July 2015 we staged an event called Back in Time, a tribute to the Back to the Future trilogy, and here is the logo/advert thingy I designed for it.back-in-time-2015


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Annie gets her gun

Here’s a few images I did for the September 2015 production of Annie Get Your Gun by Carlinghow Theatre Company. I also played Colonel Buffalo Bill Cody in the show too! I got to wear a hat, it was fun.

Here’s the advert I designed for the production (phone numbers removed):


There were two posters that were used onstage as part of the show. Here’s the first one featuring the handsome and dashing leading man, Mr Frank Butler!


And here’s the poster depicting our leading lady, Miss Annie Oakley!


These posters were printed at about six feet high for the final production! Many thanks to G Jones and J Griff for the use of their lovely faces.

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ReCycled Beat!

Hello faithful friends and mysterious strangers, here is a long-awaited update to my site! I was asked to design a logo for an event in Dewsbury, at which a group of local music students would take to the streets with instruments made from bicycles, serenading the crowds at the Dewsbury Spirit festival. I sent them a sheet of concept designs and they liked the 2 you can see below.


This second logo was then printed on bright yellow hoodies that the performers wore at the festival, the photographic proof of which you can see here:


I couldn’t attend the event myself as I was flapping about onstage somewhere else, but it was apparently a fun day out.

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Reiver Media logo

Reiver Media is a film production company started by some of my friends from the University of Westminster, and here is the logo I designed for them. Apparently, Reivers were mounted raiders that crossed the border between England and Scotland back in the middle ages, pillaging and looting and tickling people.reiver-logo-final

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Equal Writes logo

Equal Writes is part of a nationwide campaign for gender parity in the arts, more specifically promoting women playwrights. Through a mutual friend I was asked to design the logo for the website, which I was only too happy to do.


You can visit the website and see the logo in situ here:

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