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This September, Carlinghow Theatre Company will be producing Oliver! And YES, I’ve done another poster, aren’t you lucky? Look at the cheeky, soppy scamp Oliver as he follows Arthur Dodger and Old Man Steptoe as they scampet about the streets of London.oliver-poster


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Don’t get in a flap, Jack!

It’s panto season!

-Oh no it isn’t!-

-Oh, yes, you’re right, it isn’t.-

Yes, panto season is over, and this year Carlinghow Theatre Company staged Jack and the Beanstalk starring me as an hilarious pirate-wannabe named Snatchet as well as some other people. Here’s the poster I designed for the show. Guilty admission – I was pushed for time and nicked the castle from a photo but don’t tell anybody.


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Great Scott!

As some of you may know, in my spare time I sing in a group called Songsational with some of my friends. In July 2015 we staged an event called Back in Time, a tribute to the Back to the Future trilogy, and here is the logo/advert thingy I designed for it.back-in-time-2015

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Annie gets her gun

Here’s a few images I did for the September 2015 production of Annie Get Your Gun by Carlinghow Theatre Company. I also played Colonel Buffalo Bill Cody in the show too! I got to wear a hat, it was fun.

Here’s the advert I designed for the production (phone numbers removed):


There were two posters that were used onstage as part of the show. Here’s the first one featuring the handsome and dashing leading man, Mr Frank Butler!


And here’s the poster depicting our leading lady, Miss Annie Oakley!


These posters were printed at about six feet high for the final production! Many thanks to G Jones and J Griff for the use of their lovely faces.

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Aladdin poster Jan 2015

Hello faithful friends! Long time no see, but I’m back on the case and I’ll be updating the blog with new pics whenever I work up the energy to do it. Here’s a poster I did for the Carlinghow Theatre Company production of Aladdin last year. Sadly, tickets are no longer available but it was right good!


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A Soldier’s Story

Over at the West Yorkshire Drama Academy, the students are busy beavering away on a show that tells the story of local soldiers that went off to fight in World War I. This production is coming to the West Yorkshire Playhouse on July 24th and I have designed a promotional image for the show which will hopefully be featured on the Playhouse website and on posters.

More vectors here, and the image turned out to be very much like the one that I thought up in my head.


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Night Surf postcard and DVD cover

Back in 1998 I embarked upon an adventure down in London, attending the University of Westminster studying Film & TV production, and during my booze-addled days and nights I made some very good friends, some of whom have recently banded together to make a short film based on the short story ‘Night Surf’, written by the tall author Stephen King. Here is a promotional postcard I made for the film, and the cover for the DVD, designed in an 80s video nasty style.



Interesting fact: the font for the credits is called Steelfish and is the same font you can see propping up photos of famous Hollywood actors on famous Hollywood film posters. Don’t say I never strive for authenticity.

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We Will Remember Them programme

This poster/programme design for the West Yorkshire Drama Academy was designed to evoke feelings of melancholy and nostalgia to complement the refugee-themed drama. This programme cover was the same as the poster design with booking details omitted.


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Victorian Christmas Market poster

The Totally Locally Cleckheaton group asked me to design a poster for the Victorian Christmas Market they were holding at a local pub. The drawing is of the actual pub itself that I copied from a photo, but I added the snow myself.


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Singin’ in the Rain poster

This was the posted I designed for Carlinghow Theatre Company’s September 2013 production of Singin’ in the Rain.singin-in-the-rain-sep-2013

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