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The scenic view

Carlinghow Theatre Company have recently invested in a projector to take the place of traditional scenery, and I took the job of designing the backgrounds for them. Another arrow in my quiver, another onion in my bag of… onions…

It only hit me recently that, when I was a teenager, I aimed to get into production design for TV and Film, and now it looks like I’m finally getting to do something similar. Look out for more of this sort of stuff later in the year…

Here’s the village square of Old Windy Bottom (yes, it’s that sort of pantomime) covered in the black cloud that seats the giant’s castle:


Inside the quaint cottage on the left is Dotty’s Dairy, where Dame Dotty Dimple creates all kinds of creamy muck-muck from Buttermilk the cow’s udders.


King Hubert and his loyal aide Henrietta open the Village Fayre later that day, where our hero Jack meets the elegant princess Primrose.


After Silly Simon has sold Buttermilk the cow to the evil Rancid the Ratcatcher, Dame Dotty Dimple decides to turn her Dairy into a Patisserie!


That night, a beanstalk grows in the village square thanks to the magic of Fairy Sugardust. (not pictured – beanstalk)


Climbing up the beanstalk, our heroes find themselves in the Giant’s Garden, which Alan Titchmarsh would be honoured to tend if I do say so myself.


Inside the giant’s kitchen we find Gertie the Goose that lays golden eggs, Hannah the Harpist who plays a golden harp, and a fruitbowl with a massive pineapple in it. This pineapple plays a very important part in the final scene.


Finally, back in the village with the rescued princess, Jack cuts down the beanstalk with his mighty chopper (yes, it really is that sort of panto) and the village is bathed with sunlight. HURRAH!




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